Mast or Lift problems

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Mast or Lift problems

Mast or Lift Problems 

The mast is the frame that controls the lifting, lowering, and tilting of the forklift. The carriage and the forks that carry loads attach to the mast. The carriage is powered by a hydraulic piston in the middle of the mast. Masts lift their loads using hydraulic power from the piston. They use gravity to lower loads. Many forklifts lift their loads in multiple stages, which can lead to a lot of things going wrong. Common mast problems include:

  1. Not lifting or lowering properly
  2. Not lifting quick enough
  3. Jerky (rather than smooth) lifting and lowering

Any time you have a mast problem, first check the hydraulic fluid to make sure it isn’t low. If the oil is okay, inspect the forklift chains to see if any sections need to be replaced. Over time, mast sections can become stretched, rusted, cracked, bent, twisted or misaligned. When inspecting trucks for forklift repairs, keep an eye out for small problems that can easily become big ones. 

P.S. if you have masts in a good condition - please add them to . We all know how expensivemnew forklifts and parts not keep working parts in a warehouse, sale them. 

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